Wading back into Blogging world

After a number of years “off the air”, I’m venturing back into the blogosphere with a project that has feelers out for folks who might get involved in the intersection of all sorts of ideas I’ve been kicking around:

  • Games involving Human-scaled Exploration — starting with Clue Ride, a scavenger-hunt game on bikes.
  • Alternative Economic Indicators, including
    • Social Wealth
    • Volunteer Contributions
    • Learned Destinations
  • Badges as a “score card” for gamification, Social Wealth as well as credentials
  • Community Building
    • Involvement of existing business communities, residents, education institutions and governing bodies
    • Develop and facilitate Badge-Issuing organizations

This Blog intends to capture those ideas and help organize the efforts to implement an ecosystem around self-developing communities through games.

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