Urban Forest

Atlanta is known as the “City within a Forest”, and Clue Ride seeks tree canopy. Immersion in the woods is called Shinrin-Yoku or Forest-Bathing.

Many of Atlanta’s opportunities to forest-bathe are destinations and some are journeys — tree-lined paths. Clue Ride recognizes both according to these criteria:

  • Predominantly shaded. There should be more shade than sun — especially if there is any pavement soaking up heat. For a street, both sides are preferred to be shaded.
  • Low Traffic. It should be easy to tell you’re breathing in oxygen.
  • Birdsong. If you can hear birds singing, it may be quiet enough to hear the breeze through the trees.
  • Wildlife. Not strictly necessary, but if non-human animals find a place to avoid stress, it should be good for humans too.
  • Temperature Drop. If there are enough trees to bathe in, you’ll feel a temperature drop. Instead of heat, trees turn sunlight into food and oxygen.

Either visiting or traversing through Forest Baths counts toward the Forest Bathing Badge.