Tell us about yourself

Before we recommend a course, we’d like to know a little bit about how much riding you do, where you ride, and how comfortable you are climbing hills (Atlanta does have its share).  The table below describes three different types of cyclist.  You’ll choose your type, but be aware that any group you join will accommodate all cyclists riding together.

Most Clue Riders will fall in the Moderate category.  You’ll get a opportunity to make a change to this before choosing a course.

Leisurely Moderate Strong and Confident
Not on a bike more than a couple times a year Rides a few times a year Rides regularly on the streets
6-10 miles. Hmm. We’ll see 15 miles is a decent workout, but won’t hurt me. 15-20 miles is easy
Some hills may require walking the bike Most hills won’t be a problem No worries about any hills
Prefer parks, bike trails and some quiet residential streets. OK with residential streets and short stretches shared with moderate traffic. Ride anywhere, anytime.