Software Developer Badges

Software Developers create and maintain the software that supports Clue Ride.

The list of badges is still under development, but this is a list of the technologies which are useful for work on Clue Ride:

  • Front-end: Mobile App Development using Ionic 3/4
    • Angular 4 (TypeScript-based Angular)
    • Leaflet library for Mapping
    • Python for Behaviour-Driven Development
    • Jasmine & Karma for unit testing
  • Back-end: Java-based web application
    • Tomcat web container running under Linux
    • Guice Dependency injection
    • Jersey-supported REST API
    • PostGreSQL database
    • TestNG for unit tests

There’s plenty of work. Badges can be earned for those willing to contribute. Contact if you’d like to be part of bringing Clue Ride to Atlanta.