Clue Ride offers a number of roles for those wishing to become more involved.  The diagram covers both Technical and Non-Technical roles. This page describes the Non-Technical roles.  The GitHub Wiki for Clue Ride covers the Technical Roles.

Non-Technical Roles

Be warned: this is different, and maybe even weird, but in a good way.

Ride Leaders (Guides)

Guides have earned their role by demonstrating these following key abilities:

  • Use their knowledge of Clue Ride and specific courses to ensure new Seekers have a wonderful experience.
  • Demonstrate a love of exploring our city by bicycle and an ability to infect others with this love.
  • Shape a social norm of inclusion and providing a safe place for developing leadership skills.

Course Developers (Conjurers)

Building a good Clue Ride course is a combination of

  • Knowing where people want to be (what’s cool)
  • Knowing the secret shortcuts to connect those place (particularly for bikes)
  • Knowing what makes a place interesting.

Conjurers can build a course, but also understand how an element of magic is required to imbue mundane every-day experiences with a sense of wonder, and turn riding a bike in familiar surroundings into an adventure into the human spirit. Conjurers connect Seekers by demonstrating these following key abilities:

  • Understand “cool”.
  • Recognize destinations which hold meaning by virtue of their human significance.
  • Able to tie together a string of destinations into a narrative, or at least a really good time.

Social Media (Heralds)

Heralds spread the good word.

  • Remain positive and encouraging.
  • Foster a sense of community.
  • Understand that you reap what you sow.