Privacy Policy

Clue Ride invites you to set aside your worries — including worrying about your private data.

This privacy policy covers:

  • What sensitive  information is used to play the game,
  • What personal information might be collected,
  • Sensitive information that Clue Ride won’t ask you for — but an impostor might ask for.

In this privacy policy, we cover the steps we can take together while playing Clue Ride to protect the private data that may be at risk.

Sensitive Data – Playing the Game

Because playing Clue Ride can use your device’s location, the app is particularly careful with information that might reveal your location to any untrusted eaves-droppers. There are two protections offered by the Clue Ride Apps:

  • Game players and their devices are registered on the Clue Ride private network, so we know who is playing the game and which devices they are using.
  • All communication is encrypted. Even if you weren’t granted permission to the network and found a way to drop in on the communication channel, you wouldn’t be able to read the data.

These protections are in addition to the built-in protections offered by your device that allow you to choose whether or not to use your GPS location.

As part of protection, be careful who you might forward an invitation to a private Outing. The Outing has details of time and location.  The App protects you from others seeing these details, but the email invite does not.

Collection of Personal Information

To identify yourself to Clue Ride — and prevent anonymous eaves-droppers from stalking — we ask that members take a combination of steps to establish a strong trust relationship with Clue Ride. Some are optional, and some are mandatory:

  • MANDATORY — Register your application and device with Clue Ride.
  • OPTIONAL — Link Clue Ride with your mobile # (via SMS text message).
  • OPTIONAL — Link Clue Ride with your Google or Facebook account.

The Personal Information being collected is as follows:

  • Email Address which identifies your account as well as the account under which your Badges are issued.
  • Mobile # (if you choose to link via SMS text message)
  • Google email address (if you choose to link via Google)
  • Facebook email address (if you choose to link via Facebook)

The personal data collected is used solely to establish a trust relationship and won’t be shared with anyone. You maintain full control of how this data is to be used. If you wish to share this with others, you’ll need to do so outside of Clue Ride.

Additionally, Clue Ride will not send you solicitation emails except to invite you to Outings arranged by a Guide. You can choose to suppress these invitations as well. The email address will be used to communicate with you (low traffic) regarding the game, your account, and your badges.

Award of Badges

Additionally, records of your participation are collected for the purpose of awarding badges. For example, if you’ve completed a certain percentage of the courses available, you will achieve a badge that reveals deeper game levels. These details are not shared except through the public badges that you choose to display.

Anonymous Data

Data regarding visits to locations are collected as part of a history. No details regarding identities are available, but counts and averages may be shared for the purposes of improving the game, marketing, and evaluating the need for cycling infrastructure.

Information Clue Ride does not collect

This is a list of information Clue Ride would not ask you to submit. If you are asked for any of the following under the name of Clue Ride, let us know because we won’t permit it:

  • Mailing Address
  • Birthdate
  • Social Security Number
  • Payment methods (we’re always free)