Little Free Libraries

Learning comes through all of our senses, but there’s still a lot of learning that happens when we read. Little Free Libraries knows the significance of reading.

As book stores dwindled, community book-sharing has risen. You can earn credit toward the LFL Badge by bringing along a book and then exchanging it while you’re out and about playing Clue Ride. In doing so, you lift our community’s inter-dependency, and grow in your skill to both accept and give.

OK, maybe it’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that pulling a book out of a box and replacing it with one you’ve already read is building your social skills, but it’s still a great way to orient yourself.

You may find a little free library on the street that isn’t on the official map. That’s OK. If it’s on our map, you’ll still get credit toward the LFL Badge. If it’s not on our map, then maybe it should be. Contact to learn how you can add locations to Clue Ride. That skill is absolutely not a stretch.