First Principles

Although Clue Ride is just a silly game, it is serious about tethering ourselves to what we value most.

These are Clue Ride’s principles:

  1. People First. Yep. Family, Friends, Neighbors — our fellow humans are what always come first. It’s easy to forget this from time to time. Let’s reconnect.
  2. We’re at our creative best when we’re at play. Can you come out and play with us?
  3. Count what Counts – this means counting what money can’t buy. What is priceless for you? How do we measure?
  4. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: On the inside, everybody is the same, differences are celebrated, and we enter the fold by offering and accepting hospitality. And yes, it can sometimes get a bit uncomfortable, but we’re playing a game, right? It’ll be OK.
  5. Learning, always learning. Sometimes we’re the Student. ¬†Sometimes we’re the Teacher. Sometimes we’re just playing together and it swaps back and forth.
  • Forest Bathing:¬†