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I’ve been thinking about the visual presentation of the Clue Ride apps and the website and haven’t been completely satisfied with the name “Clue Ride”. This goes along with other disssatisfactions regarding visions of our community that this game is intended to help paint. A description of that vision is listed in the next section.


In short, this is about belonging. There are many aspects to belonging:

    • Learning about your local community:
      • Where are the fountains of humanity, our places with a human touch?
      • Where do we gather? Where do we find solitude? Where do we find refuge?  Where do we find rejuvenation?
      • What is the significance of our place? What is our present connection to both the past and the future?
      • Who has your favorite ice cream? Your favorite barbecue? Your favorite curry? Your favorite Mac ‘N Cheese? Your favorite double IPA?
      • How do we navigate from one place to another?
    • Engaging with others:
      • Street level, face-to-face, greeting your neighbors (think bicycle or on-foot instead of car).
      • Sharing experiences, forming packs, and looking out for each other.
      • Sharing favorite secret spots and what might be overlooked or missed.
      • Turn outward and soft-practice empathy toward others.
    • Giving back to the community
      • Set an example by becoming the change you want to see in the world
      • Encourage others to shape the community
      • Add to the game’s courses, attractions and puzzles.
    • Practice Loving Kindness
      • We are at our creative best when we play. Loving Kindness creates a space where we can play.
      • Set your intention to belong: accept yourself, accept your place, accept those with whom you share your place.


    • A big part of belonging is being able to connect: connect with yourself, connect with your place, and connect with others.

The name “Kinex”

      • Kinex is pronounced “connects” and comes from the word kinetic, (in Greek κινητικός) meaning “of motion”

        Kinex = Connections through moving.

      • The domain kinex.app is available. (kinex.org and kinex.com would need to be brokered, but are not used by anyone).
      • There is a toy for building named K’nex: https://www.basicfun.com/knex/

The Logo

      • Colors: kid’s room, but the game is basically personal growth disguised as a Kid’s Game — the presentation won’t show up in some board room.
      • Significance of the colors:
        • The orange, green, blue are progressive colors matching the levels of the game: https://clueride.com/levels/
        • The orange, green, blue (and purple) match the level of readiness when developing the Attractions within the game: http://bikehighways.wikidot.com/attraction-details#toc2
      • The consonants fit together rather nicely:
      • However, block letters don’t do a good job conveying:
        • Motion
        • Softness of human connection
      • The words “get connected” (in the image at the top of the page) have a human element, and the choice of font might be something to play with.
      • To give a sense of motion and particularly progression:
      • This one is almost like dipping a toe in the water:
      • In each of these, I have a thin border around the letters.

The images shown above are raster (PNG) images rendered from this vector (SVG) file: Link on Google Docs