Development Skills for ClueRide

Here’s a first cut at the constellation of achievement badges for ClueRide Developers. This serves as an overall picture of the development opportunities and the scale of the project. This is still exploring the connections between the various skills and how the lead to learning paths and badges at higher levels.

Three of the six segments are user-facing (front-end) with one segment in support (back-end):

  • Website — the WordPress site you are reading now and the best place for new users to start.
  • Game Modules — Playing the game means running either the Mobile App or at home, the desktop browser-based version.
  • Maintenance Modules — Users with sufficient badge level are allowed to contribute material to the ClueRide Game using mobile- and browser-based apps.
  • Core API – Back-end supports the Game and Maintenance Modules via a REST API.

The two other segments are developer specific:

  • Testing Tools — verifying the system behaves as expected.
  • Software Configuration Management — Source control (using git) and the Issue tracking system.

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