Covid Picnic

Covid changes things — but not too much.

  • We’re still outdoors.
  • We’re still finding clues and solving puzzles.
  • We’re still enjoying time together.

It’s just now that we’re preventing the spread of virus, when we set a good safe example, there’s a few more points to pay attention to.

Covid Measures

This is our checklist for a Safe Covid Picnic:

  • Bring your mask. We’ll have a pre-ride discussion about when to wear it, but generally, riding a bike puts you at a safe distance from others we’ll encounter. Following in another person’s draft however, will expose you to their breath. Ride either side-by-side or with substantial space between you.
  • Nearly all encounters with people outside your household will be in outdoor spaces, but we may venture inside closed spaces. This is definitely when the mask should go on. Other situations may also call for masking up. The BeltLine can get crowded, and when following others traveling at your speed, you’ll be inhaling the breath of others. Most roadways we travel on however, provide more than enough space.
  • Hand-sanitizer and/or wipes are good. Consider rinsing your hands first with water so sanitizer is more effective.
  • Don’t share food, drink, utensils, helmets, bikes and bike locks outside your household group.
  • Be careful what surfaces you touch. Bikes are a good way to avoid touching surfaces (as long as you don’t fall!).
  • Some picnics can be enjoyed on the premises where the food is purchased. Preference is given toward dining establishments which respect the safety of our seekers. Masks are off while eating / drinking, so finding sufficient space to accommodate the group is important.

The Picnic

A Covid Picnic Course will visit attractions where items for a picnic can be picked up.

Good items to bring with you on your bike:

  • Contactless payment or Credit Cards for purchases. Cash is accepted much less frequently now that we think about spreading the virus.
  • A lock so the bike can be left unattended while picking up items; an alternative is for seekers to mask up and go inside in shifts.
  • ID in case you’re purchasing alcoholic beverages (picnic locations will allow discreet consumption).
  • Suggested: Sunscreen; insect repellent.
  • Backpack or pannier if desired; helps Guide carry more items.
  • Lights (white facing front, red facing rear) when traveling after dark.
  • As always, bring your mobile device for following maps and answering clues.
  • Guide will bring re-usable plastic cups for beverages, table cloth, pocket knife, bottle opener and napkins; you may want your own blanket if you’ve got room to carry.

At the end of the meal, you’ll ride back to the starting location. Or to an ice-cream store. Or a smoothie place.