Urban Forest

Forest Bathing

Atlanta is known as the “City within a Forest”, and Clue Ride seeks tree canopy. Immersion in the woods is called Shinrin-Yoku or Forest-Bathing.

Many of Atlanta’s opportunities to forest-bathe are destinations and some are journeys — tree-lined paths. Clue Ride recognizes both according to these criteria:

  • Predominantly shaded. There should be more shade than sun — especially if there is any pavement soaking up heat. For a street, both sides are preferred to be shaded.
  • Low Traffic. It should be easy to tell you’re breathing in oxygen.
  • Birdsong. If you can hear birds singing, it may be quiet enough to hear the breeze through the trees.
  • Wildlife. Not strictly necessary, but if non-human animals find a place to avoid stress, it should be good for humans too.
  • Temperature Drop. If there are enough trees to bathe in, you’ll feel a temperature drop. Instead of heat, trees turn sunlight into food and oxygen.

Either visiting or traversing through Forest Baths counts toward the Forest Bathing Badge.

Falling Fruit

With as many trees as Atlanta has, several are bound to bear edible fruit. The Falling Fruit website maps out several publicly accessible fruit trees.

The locations only award badge credit during the fruiting season, but you can learn of their location year round.

You can earn additional badges by adding locations. Contact outreach@clueride.com to learn more.

Little Free Libraries

Learning comes through all of our senses, but there’s still a lot of learning that happens when we read. Little Free Libraries knows the significance of reading.

As book stores dwindled, community book-sharing has risen. You can earn credit toward the LFL Badge by bringing along a book and then exchanging it while you’re out and about playing Clue Ride. In doing so, you lift our community’s inter-dependency, and grow in your skill to both accept and give.

OK, maybe it’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that pulling a book out of a box and replacing it with one you’ve already read is building your social skills, but it’s still a great way to orient yourself.

You may find a little free library on the street that isn’t on the official map. That’s OK. If it’s on our map, you’ll still get credit toward the LFL Badge. If it’s not on our map, then maybe it should be. Contact outreach@clueride.com to learn how you can add locations to Clue Ride. That skill is absolutely not a stretch.


  • Pop-up Food Trucks
  • Pop-up Park-lets
  • Pop-up Art
  • Pop-up Shops

The Pop-Ups breathe life. Seekers inhale.

This is a tough badge to capture because the destinations come and go. Accumulate enough of them and you’ll earn your badge.

Tiny Doors

Visit all of Atlanta’s Tiny Doors to earn the Tiny Door Badge.

No single Clue Ride course will cover all of the Tiny Doors, so you’ll need to complete a few courses to earn this badge.

Learn more about how tiny art sparks big conversations by watching this TEDx talk by Karen Anderson, the Director of Tiny Doors ATL as she talks about how free and accessible public art engages its community.

Champion Trees

Atlanta is known as the “City within a Forest”, and Clue Ride seeks tree canopy. Immersion in the woods is called Shinrin-Yoku or Forest-Bathing.

Some of the trees are the best specimens of their species — Champion Trees.

Since 1985, Trees Atlanta has been nurturing not only our canopy, but also our communities’ understanding of why that canopy is so valuable to our health and well-being. Each year, Trees Atlanta assembles a list of the best specimens. Here’s a map of their 2019 locations.

You can earn the Big Tree badge by rubbing elboughs with the Champions.

Shinrin-Yoku or Forest-Bathing

The Japanese call it shinrin-yoku, or forest-bathing. To bathe yourself in a forest means immersing your senses in a forest. While giving the eyes a rest, you tune into your other senses: listening, breathing in smells, touching. This sounds rather “tree-hugger-ish”, but there’s a growing body of science that supports the therapeutic effects of spending time in the woods.

Atlanta is called the “City in the Forest“. Clue Ride seeks tree canopy. Sometimes the forest is the destination.

Earning the Shinrin-Yoku badge will carry you through shady arbors, down tree-lined trails, and take the long way through the park. There might be a Champion Tree or two you’ll need to hug as well.

Farmer’s Markets

You can earn the Farmer’s Market Badge by visiting each of the Farmer’s Markets Atlanta offers. Earning this badge requires a little planning because many of the markets are only open for a limited number of hours, and only during certain seasons.

Here’s a directory of many of the markets Clue Ride visits (and some that it does not yet visit): Yelp list of Atlanta Farmer’s Markets


Most Clue Ride courses visit a range of Attractions and many of these Attractions can be grouped into Themes:

Theme Badges

As you visit each of the Attractions within a given Theme, you accumulate points toward a Theme Badge. For example, after visiting each of the Tiny Door Attractions, you earn the Tiny Door Badge.

Fall in Love

Fall in Love with your City

A city is a community that supports our connections with each other. Clue Ride promises to explore the unique connections offered by our communities.

Fall in Love with Cycling

Cycling gets us outdoors, immerses us out community, and doesn’t mind if we stop and smell the proverbial flowers. Clue Ride promises to give you an enjoyable cycling experience.

Fall in Love with each other

Although falling into this sort of love isn’t a promise, Clue Ride is prepared to take credit if you do fall in love with each other.