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Count what counts

Perhaps the most important guiding principle for Clue Ride is to “Count what Counts“. It’s hard to name a price for something so squishy as “building community”, or “strengthening relationships”.

Badges are one way to encourage counting what counts.

Clue Ride’s badging system is still coming together, but it’s based on Open Badges, a software system that allows defining a set of criteria and then officially recognizing when someone has met those criteria. They are being used today in the field of education, and are rapidly being adopted by other fields.

Although there are currently no standards for “counting what counts” criteria, that won’t be something that stops Clue Ride from proposing a set of criteria and (we hope) might provide something others can learn from.


Guide Badges

Guides are the Clue Ride hosts who make sure Seekers enjoy their outing. They are experienced with the course, with leading groups on Clue Ride, and allow the group’s fun to flow unencumbered.

These are the badges earned by Guides:

  • Guide App Training
  • Completed Shadow Guide outings.
  • Course completion for that Course.


Steward Badges

Clue Ride’s Courses are crowd-sourced by Stewards.

These are the badges required to become a Clue Ride Steward:

  • Clue Ride Steward App Training
  • Clue Ride Steward Skills Training

Stewards will first install the Application which allows submitting destinations and puzzles and complete training for use of the app. Upon successful completion of supervised field tasks, the badges are awarded and a new Steward is born who can shape new courses and add to the breadth and depth of existing courses.

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