We are at our creative best when we’re at play.

Clue Ride is a playful bicycle scavenger hunt. Players (known as Seekers) solve puzzles leading from one clue to another while exploring the bicycle connections between destinations both familiar and new.

Participants can also contribute puzzles, clues and destinations, expanding both the reach and depth of the game. Clue Ride constantly evolves to fit the city and its citizens.

Past experience playing the game has shown that conditions are highly favorable for falling in love with your community, falling in love with cycling, and just maybe, perhaps falling in love with each other.

Clue Ride is fully prepared to share credit for any new or strengthened relationships <wink>.

While we’re playing this game and falling in love, you may notice that we’re also building well-being — both for individuals and our community. Clue Ride fosters building resilience — personally, physically, socially, mentally, and professionally.

To accomplish this, Clue Ride follows a set of Guiding Principles. Perhaps most important is the belief that its hard to put a price tag on what counts the most, yet it’s the priceless things in life — relationships, health, gratitude for life’s bounty, and an ability to remain facing forward — that make life worth living.

Clue Ride would love for you to help move Atlanta toward its vision of a life worth living for everyone. Here’s how you can help.