What is Clue Ride?

Clue Ride started as a family game. Ever since the kids were too young to ride bikes, we’ve played around the house, hiding clues behind pictures, under the rug, or on page 17 of a favorite book. Each clue would lead to another clue following a path that was both new and familiar.

Once the whole family was riding bikes, Clue Ride began pedalling into the surrounding neighborhoods, following routes both new and familiar. Each destination contains a puzzle that leads you to the next surprise. We (re)discovered the destinations that have captured the fancy of Atlanta’s cycling community: the markets, ice cream shops, green spaces, and scenic views that have been opened up by the BeltLine, cycle tracks, trails and LIT lanes. There appears to be some pent-up demand to get out of our cars and be with the people.

And now, the game is opening up for you to play.

As the network of destinations, puzzles and clues spreads across Atlanta, we’re making trial runs on selected courses. You can be part of those trial runs — and also help build the courses. Contact outreach@clueride.com if you’d like to be part of bringing Clue Ride to Atlanta.

Development Skills for ClueRide

Here’s a first cut at the constellation of achievement badges for ClueRide Developers. This serves as an overall picture of the development opportunities and the scale of the project. This is still exploring the connections between the various skills and how the lead to learning paths and badges at higher levels.

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